Limo Dayton FAQ

Are your limos able to pick up each passenger or do we all have to meet at one location?

Our limos can do whatever you'd like. It's yours for the evening. If you'd prefer to have it pick everyone up individually that's quite okay with us. Just keep in mind that the clock starts ticking from the time scheduled in the contract so if you need a 9:00PM pick up and the last person isn't picked up until 10:00 then you should definitely account for that time.

Do you supply alcohol or do we bring our own?

We cannot lawfully supply alcohol. It is the responsibility of the passengers to supply their own drinks and alcohol for the ride.

Are the passenger sizes suggestions or is that all that will really fit?

The passenger sizes are set by the state and non-negotiable. If a vehicle has a maximum passenger size of 12 people then that is all we can legally place in the vehicle.

How do we pay?

The deposit is due at the time of booking in order to secure the vehicle. You can make payment by credit card up to 24 hours prior to your special event. After the 24 hour point expires, you must pay in cash to the driver when he or she picks you up.

Deposit? How much is the deposit?

The deposit varies by the time of day and type of event. It can vary from $200 to 50% of the price. We will let you know at the time of booking.

What if I need to cancel because my friends bailed out on me.

At the time of booking it is stated to you that we do not allow for cancellations at any time, payment is due in full by the time of pickup at the latest, and that you are responsible for the full amount upon booking.