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Ever since it's inception years ago, our company has been in the business of making people extremely happy with the events that they've planned. Whether you're having a wedding and don't want to deal with the stress that comes with planning every single detail or you happen to be throwing your child a sweet sixteen birthday party... you can assure that we will do our best to ensure that every person involved is satisfied with the overall transportation experience! There are many reasons why we've been the trusted professionals to call when a group of individuals is looking to get from one spot to another without sacrificing comfort. Our customer service mixed with our modern amenities and knowledgeable staff combines to make an unforgettable transportation experience no matter how you look at it!

We offer a wide variety of vehicles, so whether you're going to Big Brews and Blues or getting the details together for something like a polished corporate event, we'll have something perfect for you. The friendly people driving these vehicles is what makes our company great in many different regards. We hire the greatest chauffeurs that know the city of Dayton like the back of their hands. They can take you to and from any location that you'd like, and they can even offer suggestions to you based upon your specific event, as they've seen it all. Of course if there is a location that they don't know, we encourage you not to worry. Our chauffeurs are all equipped with state of the art GPS systems and you'll sure that they can get you anywhere you'd like!

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There's no other company that elevates your night life experience quite like ours! Similarly, there is nobody else who has serviced nearly as many weddings as we have...so you can be confident that we'll know the ins and outs of your specific get together, no matter what venue it is at or what it entails. You'll be glad to know that our definition of customer service extends much farther than simply being courteous to those who call us on a daily basis to ask about our pricing and features. We offer an all inclusive attitude towards all customers, even potential ones who aren't so sure about reserving! We care about giving you the information you'll need to plan a successful event. It just so happens that the most memorable celebrations often have one of our vehicles involved, it's no coincidence. Your safety and happiness are two things that we take very seriously, it doesn't matter whether it's a trip to Dublin Pub or the Dayton Convention Center.

We put a lot of energy into assuring that our service is up to par, and then we go above and beyond so that there's no competition as far as comparable features. So, the next time you decide to check out the Summer Arts Festival at Veterans Park or bar hop at local hot spots like Blind Bob's and The Century Bar, you can be confident that we will be there on time and in style with one of the best party buses in Dayton. Not only that, but you'll be confident that any event will be made better with this added service after using it once or twice. You're going to want to use one of our vehicles any time you get together with a group of your friends, and with our affordability, that can definitely be a reality. Our transportation is certainly incomparable to any of the other services that are available in the immediate area, so give us a shot and let us set the bar for you. We look forward to providing you service!


When you choose Limo Dayton you receive a quality vehicle that will not only live up to but will exceed the expectations of all of our customers. When you hire us to do the job, you hire a quality company with a great track record at providing transport to a plethora of different celebrations. We're able to adapt our services to anything, and we've seen it all, so don't be shy and give us a call.


Whenever our customers call us to schedule a vehicle, they can count on us to provide a great quality limousine with the most luxurious features each and every time. All of our vehicles feature high end audio systems with sub woofers and auxiliary capabilities, video options with the televisions, and spacious seating options! That's not all...the neon lighting and tinted windows are also amazing.